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We are all called to witness!
Here are some opportunities to consider!

We would love to partner with you to witness to the nations and to make disciples! Contact us if you need prayer, help, advice or some extra workers!  Evangelist Michael can preach the gospel, lead people to Jesus, call on the Holy Spirit and pray for healing.  We can also teach one-on-one evangelism (such as Jesus at the Door), and help with planning and organizing outreaches. 

Are you looking for opportunities to serve? Here are organizations that we serve with that you might serve with as well: 

  • Fresh Start Mentoring - Working with people on probation assigned by the Drug Court.   We meet weekly with our clients to help guide them on renewing their minds to better cope with life's challenges. 

  • Inmate Encounter - Inmate Encounter holds "Prison Crusades" - to preach the love of Jesus and salvation through His blood on the cross.  These take place in Florida correctional facilities several times each year. Inmate Encounter also provides training and resources for re-entry of ex-offenders back into society.

  • Pinellas County Jail, Chaplains Office - Religious Volunteers provide weekly worship services and bible teaching for inmates. This program was suspended during COVID but should start again soon, praise be to God!  You can contact Senior Chaplain Karen Hanson at 

  • Gold Street Garden Church - We have out-reaches every Saturday in neighborhoods throughout Pinellas County. The purpose is to show the love of Jesus by helping people in need, and to preach the gospel to bring them into a relationship with Jesus! Community outreach also helps build unity in the neighborhoods and a sense of "family." Big outreach events with music, food, prizes and preaching typically follow several weeks of one-on-one contacts.

  • Radiant Church   Radiant has multiple locations throughout Tampa Bay and holds numerous "Serve Days."  Radiant Church also organizes many mission trips for members, has robust youth groups and an extensive small group program.

  • Christ for All Nations   CFAN is an organization started by Reinhard Bonnke to bring the gospel to all of Africa.  Daniel Kolenda became the director of CFAN when Reinhard retired.  CFAN is known for large open-air crusades in Africa and other places throughout the world. They have counted 82,300,839 salvations since the inception in 1974.  Under Daniel Kolenda's leadership they are embarking on a "Decade of Double Harvest" to double the number of salvations in the next 10 years. To accomplish that they are training and equipping evangelists to bring more workers to the Harvest!  The CFAN Evangelism Bootcamp is an intensive 3 months of training and field experience.  This is the same program that Ev Michael attended. It was the "initiation" trip for the students that took place in Nigeria thats featured in the photos.  If you feel called to preach to the Nations, you should consider applying! CFAN hosts Fire Camps and a School of Ministry and founded Nations Church in Orlando, FL    

Are you looking to donate financially?

Ocean Gospel is not currently accepting any donations, but the organizations listed above would be blessed for any support you might give them.  Don't forget, giving brings blessings!  Thanks!

If you're interested in collaborating with us, please send us a message

Contact Evangelist Michael at


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